Lloyd. Trieste and its Ships round the World

Weaving a tapestry of memories, and portraying the ambitions, dreams, and achievements of an enterprise that earned Trieste worldwide renown: these are the goals of the exhibition promoted and staged by the Municipality of Trieste in collaboration with the Trieste Port Authority, with contributions from the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, Fondazione CRTrieste, and Fondazione Benefica Kathleen Foreman Casali. The exhibition – sponsored by Trieste Trasporti, AcegasApsAmga, Assicurazioni Generali, Trieste Marine Terminal, Despar, and by Officina Navale Quaiat as technical sponsor – will be housed in an extraordinary venue, the Centrale Idrodinamica in Porto Vecchio, one of the most outstanding examples of industrial archaeology in a port, and will be open from 26th March to 9th October 2016.

Fumaioli di piroscafo e Gran Pavese

Steamship funnels and dressing overall
Preparatory sketch
1935 ca.

The exhibition, titled “Lloyd. Trieste and its Ships round the World”, was conceived to highlight an exceptional historical and cultural heritage, on the back of extensive scientific research taking in archives, hundreds of original items, and model ships (some of which are world premieres).

It traces the history and function of a shipping company that was intimately tied to the history of Trieste, its port, and its maritime sector, and whose successes spurred the modernisation of the city. A cultural, educational, and tourism event of national and European interest, it is a milestone for a great Museum of the Sea.


The exhibition focuses on a revolutionary period in navigation techniques, during which Trieste’s social and economic development grew rapidly, hand-in-hand with port traffic.

The narration follows three main lines and reflects the three sections into which the Company’s activities were divided ever since the first half of the 19th century: maritime and trade intelligence, steam navigation, and publishing.