One hundred and eighty years at sea

The wonderful 1:500 scale models here presented were almost all made by Paolo and Piero Valenti for an exhibition celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Trieste’s annexation to Italy held at Milan’s Civic Naval Museum in 1968. In the mid-1980s, the series was updated with eight new models made by three skilled modelists from Trieste’s Associazione Marinara Aldebaran: Pietro Comuzzi, Carlo Sanzin e Gualtiero Serafino.

These perfect miniatures make it possible to appreciate, at a glance, many aspects of Lloyd’s history and the global evolution of merchant shipping, naval architecture and engineering. These range from Lloyd’s first ship, the paddle steamer Arciduca Lodovico, to the Nuova Lloydiana, a large cargo ship built in Monfalcone in 1999. They were followed by similar ships, albeit larger and more modern, until the latest one, built for Italian Marittima itself, named ITAL Moderna, with a maximum loading capacity of 4,334 20-foot containers, or over 173,000 cubic meters.

A total of 431 ships have sailed under the flag of Lloyd – now Italia Marittima – in its 180 years of history. The Trieste-based shipping company is the oldest still in activity, with the English companies P&O (1837) and Cunard Line (1838) just behind. Vorwärts!

Conte Stürmer Piroscafo a pale

Conte Stürmer
Paddle steamer