Sul Mare”

This prestigious illustrated travel magazine was distributed on board Lloyd’s ships, and was also available in selected bookstores, travel agencies, and hotels.
The first issue was published in March 1925, and it continued its run for almost 20 years, until 1944.

A total of 148 issues were published. All of them – with the exception of two issues – had covers decorated with a four-colour illustration based on original sketches and layouts by leading artists, some of whom were from Trieste, but also including important painters and graphic designers from elsewhere in Italy.

Sul Mare was the most important of the many publishing initiatives spearheaded by the new director of the press office, Bruno Astori, during the difficult recovery after World War II. The contents of the magazine – in Italian, French, English, and German – were written by local and international correspondents, journalists, and writers. They were always accompanied by exquisite illustrations or professional-quality photographs, making for pleasant and interesting reading.

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